Tax Services

Income tax is payable to the South African Revenue Services (SARS) by individuals and companies/juristic persons. Individuals who earn above a certain threshold must register with SARS within 60 days after becoming liable for tax. Companies and other are required to register within……….

Taxes to register for include Income tax (Individuals and companies), PAYE, UIF, SDL (Companies).

Alchemy Hub assists individuals and companies/CC/other juristic persons to register for all these required taxes with a turnaround of as little as 1 day after receiving all required documentation. You can submit your documents by uploading them directly through to us; however, because the banking details and power of attorney forms are required to be originals, we can come and collect the documents from you or you can mail them to us.

After registering for tax, we can then assist in obtaining your tax clearance should you need it for tenders, good standing, etc.

To register for income tax, you need to submit the following through to us:

  • Limited Power of Attorney
  • A certified copy of your ID
  • Limited Power of Attorney
  • Certified copies of ID’s of all directors, certified copy of representative taxpayer in respect of trusts,
  • Company incorporation documents (Registration certificate, Incorporation documents, Memorandum of Association)

For Co-operatives

  • Constitution duly signed by the founding members
  • Notice of registration with the co-operative registration number (CR10 form)

Co-operative certificate of confirmation

To register for PAYE, SDL and UIF, you need to submit the following through to us:

  • Limited Power of Attorney
  • Certified copies of 2 directors or partners for juristic persons.
  • Incorporation documents and a registration certificate for juristic persons.
  • Copy of the Memorandum of Association.
  • Proof of Banking details (statement, letter from bank)
  • Proof of business residential address, this can be in the name of one of the directors
  • A signed copy of the EMP201e form (will bring the forms for you to sign)