1. Business diagnostics & Improvements

At a basic level, the following applies:

“If you cannot measure it, you do no understand it; and if you cannot understand it, you cannot control it; and if you can’t control it, you cannot improve it” –

Business is complex, and it is imperative that a systems thinking approach is adopted to effectively execute the priority actions. Alchemy Hub helps to create a high performing organisation by identifying the performance gap and advise on relevant improvement requirements.  Our implementation model follows our flagship – Gqwesa Excellence Model TM


2. Business Research

Alchemy Hub conducts focused business research on business challenges and issues facing the organisations especially in the current turbulent environment, where any value creation is critical for competitive advantage.

Coach and Support: Business School Candidates in their Research Report and Executive Project Management including field studies. This includes research proposal, literature review, questionnaire design, and platform for survey, interpretation of statistics, report layout and editing.

Feasibility Studies. Overall research required for business management and decision making

Trend Analysis.  Review, analyses and interpretation of trends within operating sphere of the company to assist it with strategy, branding and customer focus.

3. Risk Management

Organisations irrespective of their product or service offering are exposed to risk. This means that they have an obligation to identify, understand and mitigate these risks. Organisations who are not managing their inherent and emerging risks effectively exposes themselves to potential financial loss and reputational damage. Alchemy Hub works with organisations to help them understand their strategic and operational risk exposure and develop control systems and measurements for their residual risk.